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nadja_fan's Journal

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This community is for the wonderful nadja aka fatal_femme. She did not start this community, this was started by myself, soggyxdreams

The Rules

1. This community is open for now. You can join, but you have to ask for posting access or wait for your post to be approved, & I have a life, so don't bug me to death, I try & do it as fast as I can.

2.Don't be an asshole. Anything that may offend someone, or just is plain rude bullshit, isn't allowed. You'll be banned, & removed immediately.

3.No promoting.

4.Have fun. This community is to support her artistic expressions, not to poke fun.


If you happen to spot a faker, email me & I will let Nadja know.

If there are any problems, you can contact me

Links: Nadja FAQ | Current Fakers | Yahoo! Group